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What is left of the 2008 Civic after more than a decade?

Going Civic 2.0 since 2008, after 13 years of use, I have drawn some preliminary evaluations.

Read the article” 2007 Civic 2.0 full version – a good value option for readers Hoa Nguyen I also want to share my feelings Personally about the pros and cons of his car with readers interested in the Civic line and cars that have been around for more than a decade.

Minus point, Column A is too big, blocking the view when entering the intersection. Loud noise in the car at all speeds, better on the highway (probably because the rear suspension is too stiff). Those who are not used to sitting in the back easily get motion sickness. Compa on the passenger seat glass or stuck The engine sound is quite loud, from the moment I got it. Gasoline is also good if you get stuck in traffic often in Hanoi (about 11 liters per 100 km). Turning around a circle at 40 km/h was slightly thrown off the body, even though the seat belt was fastened.

Plus mark, At a high speed of about 120 km/h, the car is very compact. Steering system is quite accurate at all speeds. The driving feeling is quite exciting when avoiding obstacles, the body does not stall much, although this car lacks ESP electronic balance. The 2.0 engine is very loading, overtaking other cars easily, rarely seeing a lack of power in many situations. The cockpit and rear compartment are the widest in the segment at the time I bought this car.

In addition, genuine spare parts are quite expensive if you plan to change them like a compass on the glass (8 million), the steering wheel is about 30 million.

These are some of my personal comments after the car has traveled 130,000 km, additional readers who own this car to share.

Readers Pham Quoc Viet

Your opinion will be useful to those who are looking to buy a car. Please share with us how you feel about the car you drive.


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