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What we know about the murder of British Conservative MP David Amess

British Conservative MP David Amess, 69, was stabbed on Friday October 15 around noon on several occasions during a parliamentary office he was holding at a church in his constituency in Leigh-on-Sea, about 60 kilometers east of London. He died, despite the efforts of the emergency services.

A witness named Anthony described on LBC radio a large police deployment there. “I saw someone being taken out of the building, put in the back of a police car. Apparently he was stabbed several times ”, he added about the MP. Here is what we know.

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  • “Sir David”, an animal welfare specialist

According to Sky News, “Sir David” had been a Member of Parliament for Southend West since 1997 and first entered Parliament in 1983. Married with five children, he came from a humble background and had studied economics and politics. He worked as a teacher and then a recruitment consultant before entering politics.

A member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, David Amess was a strong supporter of Brexit. But his favorite topic in Parliament was animal welfare. He was one of the few Conservative MPs in favor of banning fox hunting.

Very religious, David Amess was of the Catholic faith and strongly opposed to abortion. He was also in favor of reinstating the death penalty. Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, highlighted the “Deeply rooted Christian faith” of the one he considered a “Friend”.

Despite his long parliamentary experience, he was never a minister and remained little exposed to the media. “He was well regarded by MPs and staff, and over his nearly four decades here he built a reputation for kindness and generosity.”, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, responded in a statement, “Shocked” by this drama which once again brings to the fore the question of the security of the deputies.

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  • The investigation entrusted to the anti-terrorism prosecution

Confirming the victim’s identity at the end of the afternoon, local police said a 25-year-old man had been arrested for murder. A knife was found at the scene, Essex Police said, who are not looking for ” nobody else “.

The investigation was entrusted to the anti-terrorism services, the police announced on Friday evening. “The investigation is in its early stages and is led by officers from the anti-terrorism department”, Local Police Chief Ben-Julian Harrington said during a press briefing. “It will be up to the investigators to establish whether or not it was a terrorist act”, added the local police chief. The motive for the attack is not yet known.

  • Boris Johnson shocked, spoke of his “sadness”

Political reactions immediately poured in. On Twitter, the Jo Cox Foundation said “Horrified to learn of the assault on MP David Amess”, addressing his thoughts to him and his loved ones.

“Horrible and deeply shocking news”Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer also tweeted, addressing his thoughts to the MP, his relatives and collaborators. On Twitter, Justice Minister Dominic Raab praised his ” big heart “ and his “Great openness, including to those with whom he disagreed. “

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Former Health Minister Matt Hancock said David Amess had been his “Mentor”, when he entered Parliament, adding that he was “Always altruistic and had time for everyone”. “He was a good and gentle man, he showed charity and compassion towards all”, also described the Minister of Housing Michael Gove.

“Our hearts are very shocked and sad today, after the disappearance of MP Davis Amess, who was killed during his parliamentary tenure, in a church, after almost 40 years of service” its constituents and the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a brief televised intervention in the afternoon. “He was one of the nicest, nicest, sweetest people in politics. “

  • Several deputies attacked in the past

This is not the first time that an elected official has been attacked while on duty. In 2016, Labor Jo Cox was shot and stabbed by a far-right terrorist before a tenure in her Yorkshire constituency.

Six years earlier, in 2010, Labor Steve Timms was stabbed by a radicalized 21-year-old British student, Roshonara Choudhry, on the pretext that he had voted in favor of British military intervention in Iraq in 2003. MP, stabbed twice in the stomach and liver, had recovered from his injuries. The assailant, a young Islamist, had been sentenced to life in prison.

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And in 2000, the assistant of the liberal democrat Nigel Jones was killed while trying to protect the deputy, threatened by a man armed with a sword during a permanence, recalls the “Guardian”, for whom this new attack poses the question of the security of the deputies during these meetings with the citizens.

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