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When jazz is (still) there, in Tourcoing

Music sublimated by painting: Saturday, October 9, the Tourcoing Jazz Festival opened at MUba Eugène Leroy with a musical stroll through the works of the Tourquennois painter Mahjoub Ben Bella. “A few days before the opening of this tribute exhibition, Mélanie Lerat, the director of the museum, offered to unveil it in preview through this musical performance, underlines Yann Subts, director of the Tourcoing Jazz Festival. The opportunity was too good to cross these two great cultural events …

A flute enthusiast, Mahjoub Ben Bella would undoubtedly have appreciated the performance of the duo Sandra Nkaké and Jî Drû, a colorful performance that ended around the turntables of Nadjib Ben Bella (1), the musician son of the deceased artist. in June 2020.

The jazz festival does not hesitate to leave the usual halls which host the thirty concerts offered during this festive week. In addition to the Raymond Devos municipal theater and the Jazz club room at the Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré, the Tourcoing Jazz festival is delighted to return this year to the Magic Mirrors, the famous ephemeral marquee which is set up on the forecourt of St Christophe, in the heart of the city. -city. “ Since 1999, this magical place has been able to welcome new audiences, especially around the lunch break with free concerts, specifies Yann Subts. We are committed to reconciling young audiences with jazz, which retains a complex and elitist image while jazz was popular music in its early days… ”

The first jazz festival north of Paris

Tourcoing la jazzy is also a Jazz Club, shows in neighboring towns with the Jazz Tour and exceptional events throughout the year. This love story has lasted since the 1980s when the city, in particular to stand out from the capital of Flanders with the programs of the National Orchestra of Lille and the Opera, seized on jazz. Today, the Tourcoing Jazz Festival has become the first of its kind north of Paris. The festival team is keen to program a wide variety of artists, to show all the facets of jazz. “Which obviously remains the anchor of the festival”, recalls his director.

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Thus allowing an initiated public to find their way there, “With musicians like Michel Portal or Henri Texier who wrote beautiful pages in the history of jazz”, while attracting a wider and less knowledgeable audience with artists like Deluxe or Ibrahim Maalouf. The festival, many concerts of which are sold out, will end on the evening of Saturday 16th with “ Manu Katché’s “One shot on” at the municipal theater. A kind of carte blanche to the artist who will cross aesthetics, while the Magic Mirrors will welcome Souad Massi with a world music atmosphere », Concludes the director of the northern festival.


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