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When Lalu joined NCC for shoes and clothes, he also worked as a clerk.

Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav had a very financially strapped childhood. Born in Phulwaria village of Gopalganj district, Lalu’s father was Kundan Rai Gwala and traded milk and yogurt. However, it did not generate enough income that the family’s expenses could be properly managed. The whole family lived in a kutcha house and it used to be lime during the rainy days.

Somehow survives even on cold days. Had to work with a straw quilt. Lalu has written in his autobiography ‘Gopalganj to Raisina’ that he and his siblings had only two pairs of clothes in their childhood, barely surviving in this. Later when Lalu reached Patna, he enrolled in Miller High School here. It was here that he came to know about the National Cadet Corps i.e. NCC.

According to Lalu, the major reason for his fascination with NCC was that it consisted of shirts, trousers and shoes. Also, breakfast was served to the cadets. Lalu immediately joined NCC. He writes that after joining NCC I was so excited that I did not wear the dress all day. Within a few months, I also got the award for the best cadet and got the responsibility of giving command to the cadets.

The name of the school was changed: Let me tell you that Lalu had changed the name of the school where he studied in Patna to Miller High School after becoming the Chief Minister. Lalu said, he felt that this school should be named after a respected person from Bihar. That is why he renamed it after Devipad Chaudhary, who was an independent fighter and was martyred in the Quit India Movement.

Also did clerk job: During college days, Lalu also worked as a clerk. When he enrolled in LLB at Patna Law College, he also joined the clerical job in Veterinary College. They write that its life was managed to some extent and some money was also saved. LLB classes were held in the evening and they worked during the day. However, when he won the election for the post of president in 1973-74, he had to leave this job.

Second hand jeep was purchased as soon as he became MP: Let me tell you that when Lalu became MP for the first time, he had bought a second hand jeep of Wills and used to run from it. Senior journalist Anuranjan Jha in his book ‘Gandhi Maidan: Bluff of Social Justice’ writes that Lalu was fond of kalfad kurta and expensive sandals before winning the election.

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