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When Sonia Gandhi threatened Rajiv Gandhi with divorce for this reason! claim in book

At some point of time, Sonia Gandhi neither wanted to enter politics herself nor wanted to see her husband Rajiv Gandhi in politics. When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, both Rajiv and Sonia used to stay away from politics and Sanjay Gandhi was considered to be the successor of Indira Gandhi. But when Sanjay Gandhi died suddenly in a plane crash in June 1980, the Gandhi family faced a crisis of successor. Maneka Gandhi was interested in politics from the beginning but Sonia Gandhi did not want Maneka Gandhi to enter politics.

Sonia Gandhi also did not want her husband Rajiv Gandhi to enter politics. Rashid Kidwai, who wrote Sonia Gandhi’s biography, Sonia: A Biography, writes in his book, ‘Sonia may have prevented Maneka’s entry in politics but she was equally against Rajiv Gandhi replacing Sanjay Gandhi. Once she had threatened Rajiv Gandhi that if he entered politics, she would leave his life.

Sonia Gandhi strongly opposed Rajiv Gandhi’s entry into politics, but over time she began to feel that Indira Gandhi definitely needed Rajiv Gandhi.

Kidwai writes quoting Sonia Gandhi, ‘I understood Rajiv’s duty towards mother. At the same time I also realized that I was angry with the system at that time, as I was seeing Rajiv Gandhi being made a scapegoat. I was absolutely sure that politics would ruin them.

Sonia Gandhi had told that Rajiv Gandhi’s entry into politics was not a choice, but he came because no one else was qualified to fill that place. Regarding Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi had also said on many occasions that she is an apolitical person.

But when Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984, Rajiv Gandhi had to take over the post of Prime Minister and he emerged as a strong Prime Minister. He used to get better file work done by bureaucrats and former cabinet and defense secretary Naresh Chandra considered him a good administrator. Rajiv Gandhi is also credited with bringing about a communication revolution in India with the help of Sam Pitroda.

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