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When will Friendship Day be celebrated this year? Know the history of this day

Friendship Day 2021 Date in India: The importance of friends is very important in the life of every person. Friends are the rulers of people and companions of happiness and sorrow. It is not possible to explain friendship but it is very important to tell friends their value. In such a situation, there is a day which has been named after friends, that is Friendship Day. In the year 2021, this day will be celebrated on August 01, Sunday. Let’s know its history –

Just like Mother’s Day is dedicated to mothers and Father’s Day is dedicated to fathers, in the same way, Friendship Day is dedicated to friends. If we talk about the beginning of celebrating it, then two stories are prevalent.

It is said that in the year 1935, a person died in America, whose blame was on the government. Hurt by the death of his friend, another person also committed suicide. It is believed that in America, this day was celebrated as Friendship Day.

At the same time, it is also said that in the year 1930, Joe Hall, the founder of Hallmark Greeting, sent gifts and greeting cards to his friends on this day with the suggestion of celebrating Friendship Day.

What is the importance of this day: Without friends, there is emptiness in life. Friends have a big hand in making life happy. A true friend supports us in every aspect of life, happy or sad. Celebrating Friendship Day is believed to strengthen the bond of friendship. It is said that the purpose of celebrating Friendship Day is to increase love, fraternity and peace among people.

It is celebrated on different days in different countries: Apart from India, Friendship Day is also celebrated on the first Sunday of August in Malaysia. At the same time, Friendship Day is celebrated on 14 July in Mexico, Venezuela, Estonia and Ecuador. In Pakistan this day falls on 19th July. In Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Uruguay, this day is celebrated on 20 July. Apart from this, this special day is celebrated on 23 July in Bolivia and 30 July in Finland.

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