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Which soap is better for skin and body? Know what experts say

All kinds of things are said about soap. People believe that soap cleanses the dirt of our body-skin and makes us feel fresh. But is it really so? Namratha Reddy, co-founder and expert of Satliva, gives a no to this question. She says that soap can get into the pores of our body. That is why it is important to know what kind of soap you are using, especially when there are many brands of soaps available in the market.

Namratha Reddy, referring to organic and normal soaps sold in the market, says that there is a big difference between the two. Natural products and chemicals have different effects on our body. Let us know which of the two should be used and which is better for the skin-body.

Key difference between organic and normal soap:
Organic soap is more durable. Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers are not used in these. It does not cause any side effect on the body.
Organic soap is safe for the skin. Actually, normal soap contains sulfate, which causes lather. Although foaming is not necessary for the skin. It’s just a marketing technique
In fact, natural oils are needed to cleanse the skin, go deep and clean the toxins-dirt hidden in the skin pores. Organic soaps meet this scale. Most organic soaps contain coconut, jojoba and hemp seeds. All these have the ability to penetrate into the pores of your skin and cleanse the skin from within.

Organic soap is beneficial for your skin. These soaps are made from a variety of natural oils. In which lye and hydrolysis occur. All these are full of natural goodness. It has many benefits such as moisturizing and deep cleansing properties. Also, it helps to balance hormones, which is helpful in dealing with acne and eczema.
Organic soap promotes small industries in a way. So it is beneficial for everyone.

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