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Who do you consider to be the best PM? On Prabhu Chawla’s question, Mayawati gave such an answer

BSP supremo Mayawati was asked in an interview that which Prime Minister of the country she considers the best? In response, he said that no prime minister has been cured yet.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati has started preparations for next year’s assembly elections. Mayawati has made it clear that her party will not give ticket to any Bahubali on this. Mayawati has expressed her desire to become Prime Minister at many places. Now an old interview of his is going viral. Once senior journalist Prabhu Chawla also asked him a question about the Prime Minister, he said, ‘Hindustan ki daughter’s name has now started for the Prime Minister.’

The former CM of UP says, ‘I have got a chance to run the government four times. I have always worked for the interest of the entire society. The people of Congress and BJP are well aware that as I have given the best government to the people of UP. If Mayawati becomes the Prime Minister of the country, then these two parties should not have to wait long. When I became the CM of UP, these people could not stop me, so how will these people stop me now?

Meanwhile, Prabhu Chawla asks Mayawati, ‘Who has liked the best of all the Prime Ministers in the country so far?’ To this she says, ‘If the Prime Ministers in the country had done such a good job, then we would not have needed to form BSP. All these people are pieces of the same plate. We think that today someone else is sitting on the chair, but they do all these things in the same way. We have a vision to form the government, so people like us.

Accused of intimidating CBI: Prabhu Chawla questions, ‘After the charge against you, it was said that the daughter of a Dalit became so rich in a few years.’ Mayawati says, ‘CBI’s affidavit is completely fake. When our lawyer will present his side on this matter, then everything will come out. This is being done deliberately by the central government to create political pressure on me. But the public will definitely give them an answer in the elections.

Let us tell you, in the year 2019, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party had contested the elections together. BSP had won 10 seats in these elections. Whereas in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Mayawati’s party BSP could not win a single seat. Before the UP elections, Mayawati has made it clear that her party will go alone in the election field and this time it will not pay much attention to forming an alliance.


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