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Who is behind “Hold-up”?

“Let the consciousnesses awake. I invite and beg all the police and military in all the countries where French is spoken to take cognizance of this film. […] I am also addressing each human being and invite you to view it as soon as possible. It is the duty of all of us to be informed and act accordingly. “ This alarmist commentary was posted by an Internet user under the video of the film “Hold-up” on the site, one of the private forums where it circulated before being visible to the general public.

Lasting 2:43 and claiming to reveal, behind the spread of the pandemic, an orchestrated manipulation, it circulated among alternatives and “yellow vests”, raoultiens and “antivax”. Christine Boutin and Sophie Marceau took over. It was debated on CNews, at Yann Barthès or Cyril Hanouna in the midst of laughter, before being the subject of “debunking” by the press – a process consisting in analyzing a speech to isolate and dismantle the untruths.

Political shift

The day after its release, Ulule, the participatory site that raised more than 180,000 euros from 5,232 contributors, dissociated itself from it, as did Philippe Douste-Blazy, one of the 37 speakers. Reached by phone, the former Minister of Health is in his little shoes:

“I was promised a doc on the virus with scientists and doctors. I watched it last night and I’m telling you, I have nothing to do with anything

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