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Why are many Vietnamese people crazy about cars with sunroof?

I see anyone buying a car when wondering between versions or comparing cars with the same idea, “does the car have a sunroof”?

I am a person who loves to learn about cars, also use 4-5 cars in my life, test drive quite a lot from popular to luxury lines. So many friends often come to me for advice on which car to buy. Of course, I’m just giving my opinion, not an expert, nor a person to give an answer to determine what car they should buy.

Through that process, I found one thing in common, which is that everyone asks when wondering if this version has a sunroof. I personally use a sunroof car, some without a car, but have never taken this factor into account as one of the deciding things to buy a car. I don’t take it seriously myself, so it’s hard to understand when everyone asks. After consulting, I came up with a few ideas like this, the reason why they like the sunroof is because:

– The car looks brighter.

– Can be opened for ventilation.

– Escape when falling into the water.

All three reasons above I see are not too suitable for the Vietnamese market. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold. Not to mention, the air is always dusty, open to hot, dust does not solve anything. In fact, I see that anyone who uses a sunroof, especially a panoramic sunroof, has to do an extra job, which is to prevent heat, because the glass door panels and thin fabric cannot insulate as well as the metal roof. . Some people even let their children stand and sit through the window while the car is running, which is very dangerous.

There is only one problem I can understand, versions with sunroof are usually high-end versions, meaning there will be other more necessary options. That is, the sunroof should only be an attachment, it’s okay to have it, it’s okay not to have it, but it should not be a factor to consider.

Do you think there are other reasons why so many Vietnamese people are so obsessed with sunroofs?

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