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Why can Ronaldo drive a right-hand drive car in the UK?

CR7 drives a right-hand drive Bentley on the way to Carrington training ground on September 23, while in the UK using a right-hand drive car.

The image of Ronaldo controlling the Flying Spur with the right steering wheel (the steering wheel on the left of the dashboard like in Vietnam) while in the UK is the reverse steering wheel (the right steering wheel) makes many people curious.

CR7 drove to the training ground on September 23. Photo: The Sun

The law in the UK does not prohibit right-hand drive vehicles (left steering wheel), as long as they pass a test of the Ministry of Transport (MOT – Ministry of Transport). The MOT checks once a year, if the MOT passes, the new car owner can buy insurance and the right to drive on the road. Bui Lan, a Vietnamese living in Manchester, England, said that the MOT test is like an overall test of the vehicle such as the engine, brake system, tires, etc. to see if it works well, similar to vehicle registration. in Vietnam.

In addition to the MOT, the vehicle owner must have a European Certificate of Conformity (ECC) from the manufacturer and a certificate of mutual recognition (Mutual Recognition) if it is a right hand drive (left steering wheel). If it is a vehicle imported outside of Europe, an IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) certificate is required.

Bentley Flying Spur is a British-made car, brought by Ronaldo from Italy after leaving Juventus to move to Manchester. In the UK, the luxury sedan of the Portuguese player at the wheel costs $ 225,000.

In August 2020, Ronaldo bought a Bugatti Centodieci supercar worth $ 9 million to celebrate Juventus’ 9th Serie A championship. Rare supercar Bugatti Centodieci produced only 10 units worldwide.

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