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Why do you scream so much on TV? Know what Arnab Goswami said on this question

Arnab Goswami: Sushant Singh Rajput case has been in the limelight. Debates are being conducted continuously on the news channels, in which all kinds of claims and claims are being made. Senior journalist Arnab Goswami is continuously taking up this matter on Republic TV and his program is also getting a sharp note. Arnab Goswami was also seen screaming on several occasions. Arnab Goswami and Republic TV’s reporting style were also questioned in the Sushant case.

Many senior journalists including social media users also criticized. However, Arnab says that if you want to listen to you in this country, then it is necessary to scream and shout. When Arnab Goswami was asked in an interview to ‘Mid-Day’, why do you shout so much when you are anchoring?

In response to this question, Arnab says that in this country nobody listens until you shout. If something bad is going on and you are calm, relaxed then you will not take your word seriously. Your office people will not take it seriously… but if something bad is happening and you shout and say the same thing, people listen. ‘

Threatened to be fired In this interview, Arnab Goswami said that there is all kinds of pressure on the media. Pressure comes from bureaucracy to political. Many times the media comes under pressure. Arnab Goswami, while sharing his experience himself, said that often the leaders used to call me and say that you will get fired. Such pressure does not work on me, because I am not afraid of losing my job.

Let us tell you that Arnab started his career with The Telegraph. He then worked with NDTV. He then moved to Times Now. It was here that he became recognized. He then started his own channel. His channel name is Republic India. He also does a number of debate shows on his channel.

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