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Why does the Ambani family stay on the top floor of the 27-storey ‘Antilia’? Know the reason

Antilia Expenditure: Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance, is one of the richest people not only in the country but in the world. Mukesh Ambani and his family, who live in his 27-storey bungalow Antilia in Mumbai, are often in the headlines. Antilia has all the amenities of luxury. There are 9 high speed lifts in the bungalow. There is also a multi-storey garage in which about 168 vehicles can be parked simultaneously. There are also 3 helipads, a large ballroom, theatre, spa, temples and several terrace gardens. Very few people know that Mukesh Ambani lives with his family on the top floor of Antilia.

Nita Ambani had told the reason: Mukesh Ambani lives in Antilia with his entire family. Here his wife Nita Ambani, sons-daughter-in-law Akash and Shloka, younger son Anant and mother Kokilaben live here. Spread over 4 lakh square feet, this bungalow is of 27 floors, but the ceiling of many buildings is almost double the height, due to which this building looks as high as 40 floors.

However, quarters have been built on the top floor for family living. According to a Business Insider report, Nita Ambani wanted all the rooms to have enough sunlight, so she decided to stay upstairs. Let us tell you that very few people are allowed to come to this part.

So many people are engaged in the maintenance of the bungalow: Antilia is said to be one of the most expensive and beautiful houses in the world. It is said that about 600 staff are engaged in the care of this house. This includes gardeners, electricians, security guards, plumbers, drivers and cooks.

According to the news of Business Insider, so many employees take the responsibility of doing all the household chores. According to this, the children of many staff are doing their college studies in America. Despite this, whenever he comes here, he cleans his room himself.

Staff get salary like this: Nita Ambani always says that all the employees of her house are part of her family. It is said that the salary of the staff will be decided on the basis of seeing their work. According to the report, the salary of many employees is up to 2-2 lakh months.

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