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Why does YouTube hide all dislikes?

Thursday, 11/11/2021 13:30 PM (GMT+7)

YouTube says that hiding all dislikes is to limit harassment and negatively affect small channels and new content creators.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing services today with over 2 billion monthly users.

According to CNET, YouTube’s hiding of dislikes is to prevent harassment campaigns from affecting genuine content creators, especially newly developed channels. The company said this change will begin to gradually roll out in the near future.

The dislike button itself is still there but the number is not displayed, viewers can still click the dislike button to let YouTube adjust future suggestions. Similarly, content creators can also privately track the number of dislikes (dislikes) of their videos.

The number of likes (likes) and dislikes (dislikes) is not only a tool for harassment, but also a factor in damaging mental health for some users, the researchers say.

In early 2021, Facebook and Instagram added an option that allows users to hide the public Like count.

YouTube says hiding dislikes improves experience, respect and safety, and protects creators from harassment.


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