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Why Guardiola is the best coach in the world

DECRYPTION – Champion of a certain idea of ​​sport, the Spanish coach of Manchester City marked his difference by opposing the Super League.

Sport is not sport when there is no relationship between effort and reward. ” Signed Pep Guardiola, last Tuesday, when the Super League project was still a reality.

Words all the stronger as his club, Manchester City, was involved … “I think that’s what really doomed this project», Swears Thibaud Leplat, author of Guardiola, praise of style (Hugo Sport). “It was a high quality speech, giving a philosophical and conceptual definition of sport. A speech a little above the fray, but with enormous credibility. This is proof of his great authority in football. In fact, it is even the maximum authority, a sort of Holy Father of football today.

An authority that this 50-year-old Catalan has conquered in the field, from the kid collecting balls in Barcelona to the benchmark status in coaching that he is today, and even beyond.

Proving in C1, without the genius of Messi

Of course, there is the prize list, the titles, the results for

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