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Why hair starts turning white before time, know 5 main reasons

Premature Hair Greying: Despite knowing that smoking is harmful to health, many people smoke. Its negative effect can be gauged from the fact that passive smoking means that if someone is smoking and another person comes in contact with his smoke, he can also be harmed. People who smoke are not only at risk of serious diseases, but because of this effect, hair also starts turning white. Let’s know the major reasons for getting hair white at a young age –

Smoking: According to a 2013 study, people who smoke compared to non-smokers are 2.5 times more likely to have white hair at the age of 30.

Mental Stress: Stress is also behind the hair turning white at an early age. Hair follicles are weakened by taking stress, due to which the problem of white hair starts.

Lack of vitamins: Lack of nutrients in the body also causes people to have problems with white hair. According to nutritionists, people who are deficient in Vitamin-D3, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-B12 and Minerals, their hair also turns prematurely white. In addition, deficiency of iron, vitamin D, folate and selenium can also turn hair follicles white.

Genetic reasons: There can be many reasons behind the hair turning white at a young age, some of which are genetic. This means that the problem can also be seen in people in the family, whose parents or elders also have prematurely white hair.

Hair Color and Hair Products: Many people use more hair care products in the hair due to which there may be problem of white hair or hair fall. These products contain harmful chemicals that prove harmful to the hair. Due to this, the problem of hair becoming white at a young age starts. The same problem also happens with hair color products. Harsh chemicals are found in them, which act to increase hair problems. Apart from white hair, it can also cause itching and hair loss.

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