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Will BJP lose the election if it leaves Hindutva? Praveen Togadia was asked the question and got this answer

Senior journalist Rajat Sharma had asked Praveen Togadia the reason for the BJP’s defeat, when he blamed the party’s dual attitude.

Uttar Pradesh elections are approaching and the war of words between the political parties is also intensifying. Priyanka Gandhi is continuously campaigning on behalf of Congress. Targeting Priyanka Gandhi, Cabinet Minister Siddharth Nath Singh had said that Congress adopts double standards on Hindutva and now this has been proved. Because on one hand the Congress leaders call her the leader of Hindus, while on the other side they insult Hindutva.

This statement of Siddharth Nath Singh is being discussed a lot. An old interview of Dr Praveen Togadia, the national president of the International Hindu Parishad, has come to the fore on this issue. Praveen Togadia was asked by Rajat Sharma, ‘BJP has lost in many states. You are saying that BJP lost the election because they did not work on your agenda. That is, if BJP leaves Hindutva, then no one will be able to win elections? It is not that there are no Hindus in the states where they were defeated.

In response, Praveen Togadia says, ‘The BJP’s defeat is precisely because it does not live up to the agenda of Hindutva. When BJP left Hindutva, it started losing elections. In the states where the BJP won, there was some regional factor, but where it lost, Hindutva was a big factor. When BJP left Hindutva, no Hindu voted for it, but Muslim also left it. The politics of Muslim appeasement began with the Partition of India. This politics ended in the Ram Mandir movement.

Recently Praveen Togadia had also targeted RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat when he said that Hindu-Muslim ancestors are one. In response, Togadia had said, ‘If so, was the fight between Maharana Pratap, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh wrong? Who had fought for a long time to save Hinduism and gave up his life. If today Bhagwat ji is calling those who protect cows as terrorists, then were the RSS and VHP also running terror factories for so long?’


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