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Will Brahmins vote for you? Anjana Om Kashyap asked the question from CM Yogi, got such an answer

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was questioned by Anjana Om Kashyap about the Brahmin vote. In response, he said something like this.

Before the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Home Minister Amit Shah has made it clear that if the BJP government is formed in UP, then only Yogi Adityanath will become the Chief Minister. On the other hand, Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has made it clear that this time he will go to the polls with smaller parties. After the encounter of Kanpur shooting accused Vikas Dubey, the opposition parties are accusing the Yogi government of being ‘anti-Brahmin’. In an interview, senior journalist Anjana Om Kashyap had also asked a question to CM Yogi on this.

Anjana Om Kashyap had questioned, ‘The displeasure of Brahmins among the castes, I am not talking about your caste and I am not telling its effect. This time the brahmin looks very angry. It looks like you have full faith that this ‘forward caste’ will vote for us.’ In response, Yogi smiles and says, ‘Look, the people of UP have risen from dynasty and casteism. It was a distant thing and the people of UP have not forgotten the tragedy of 1990. That politics of dynasty and casteism had given identity crisis to the people of UP.

Yogi’s answer: Yogi Adityanath further says, ‘The crisis of identity was the biggest problem faced by our youth. Those who have been included in the cabinet, ministers are introduced by the Prime Minister before the commencement of Parliament. We are grateful to Modi ji for giving maximum place to his backward section in our cabinet. We don’t need a person from Brahmin face who can develop the state. Tomorrow, Akhilesh Yadav ji starts saying that if we want to join BJP then we will not refuse at all.’

In another interview, Yogi Adityanath was also asked a question about Khushi Dubey. He had said, ‘I know every person living in my state. I keep the introduction of each individual with me. Ask about anyone, I will tell about everyone. If the issue of Khushi Dubey is raised, then the issue of Santosh Shukla should also be raised. Deputy SP Mishra should also rise, his two minor girls have been orphaned. If a Deputy SP is killed then it is right, but if we take action then it becomes wrong.


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