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Will Prashant Kishor vote to make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister? gave this answer

Prashant Kishor had made a strategy for the 2017 Punjab elections for the Congress. Congress had a historic victory in these elections, but even after being with Prashant Kishor in the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Congress had to face defeat. Prashant Kishor has also accepted on many forums that his words were not accepted in the Congress. Apart from this, he had told that he has good relations with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Prashant Kishor was asked at the ‘ISB Leadership Summit’, ‘Can Rahul Gandhi become the Prime Minister?’ Prashant Kishor says, ‘Who am I to say this? In this country the prime minister is elected by the people. So nothing will happen to my expectation. If he wants to become the Prime Minister, then he has to prove this in front of the public. He will be able to become the Prime Minister only when people have faith in him.

Priyanka should be Congress President? Prashant Kishor says, ‘Voting in the country is always done in secret. That’s why I can’t tell who I choose as the Prime Minister or not. The host of the show asks Prashant Kishor, ‘Can Priyanka Gandhi become the national president of Congress?’ Prashant Kishor says, ‘Now it is for the Congress leaders to see who they want to choose their leader. At present, he is away from active politics. After ruling for 65-65 years, their leaders will see who should now hand over the command of the party.

Why Prashant Kishor had separated from Congress: After the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Prashant Kishor suddenly Congress had separated from When asked about this, he had said, “There was a loud campaigning in the UP elections. Congress benefited a lot Happened too. Congress leaders thought that it should be cashed in by joining hands with the Samajwadi Party. but that did not happen. I was not in favor of it at all, but my fault is that I did not distance myself from it even after not participating in it.’

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