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Will there be cheap tablets made specifically for Wave and computers for you?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

The goal is how students who are in COVID-19 epidemic areas, facing difficult circumstances, can have a well-configured tablet at a cheap price in a short time.

HANET Technology (a member unit of G-Group) has just announced the research and production of a non-profit tablet computer, responding to the program “Waves and computers for children” organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Newsletter with the Ministry of Education and Training launched in September 2021.

The goal is how students who are in areas with COVID-19 epidemic, facing difficult circumstances, can have a well-configured tablet at a cheap price in a short time, serving their learning needs. online. It is expected that the price of each unit will be from 2.35 to 2.45 million VND depending on the configuration.

Configure two non-profit tablet versions in HANET Technology’s plan.

Currently, G-Group is starting to receive orders from units. According to G-Group, to have such a good price, the minimum quantity needed to produce is 10,000 units. G-Group does not retail this product, only accepts orders from ministries, agencies, organizations and businesses in sponsoring computers for students.

“We hope that through this non-profit project, students will have better learning conditions, especially during the time of complicated epidemics. G-Group can produce and supply about 1 million HANET Smart Edu tablets”, shared Mr. Vo Duc Tho – General Director of HANET Technology (belonging to G-Group).

Previously, G-Group has implemented a free sponsorship program for GapoWork accounts with Zoom integration for 1,000 schools nationwide to help schools and teachers have effective online teaching tools. This group is also the unit that successfully researched and produced the G-Track electronic bracelet in just 3 weeks to serve the management of people in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, G-Group also sponsored more than 1,000 AI Cameras for epidemic prevention and automatic monitoring for quarantined people, which have been deployed in nearly 300 hospitals nationwide, such as Hanoi Heart Hospital, Agricultural General Hospital, Thuong Tin General Hospital, Dong Anh General Hospital, CDC Quang Ninh,…


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