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Windows computers are about to feature the coolness of the MacBook

Thursday, November 19, 2020 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Upcoming Windows computers may come with an advanced security coprocessor that protects users’ data from being stolen by hackers.

Microsoft just announced the existence of Pluton, a new project that Microsoft is working on with both AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm to create x86 and ARM CPUs that incorporate a dedicated security component. In its simplest terms, Pluton is the evolution of the existing Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that users find in many modern computers. TPM stores information related to your operating system’s security and enables features like Windows Hello. However, for all the additional security the TPM adds to a PC, they still have vulnerabilities. As security researchers have pointed out, hackers can attack the bus interface that allows the TPM and the CPU to communicate with each other.

That’s where Pluton comes in. By integrating TPM into the CPU, Microsoft says it can prevent that attack. When the first group of Pluton-equipped computers and CPUs began to reach consumers, Microsoft said it would emulate the TPM chip so that it could take advantage of existing APIs and provide Windows users with immediate usefulness. ie. The ultimate goal is for CPUs equipped with Pluton to protect credentials, encryption keys, and personal data. That way, it’ll be similar to the T2 and Titan M security chips that Apple and Google offer, but with the added advantage of bringing up the entire Windows ecosystem.

Microsoft is making some big claims when it comes to the additional level of security the co-processor will provide, which is: “None of this information could be removed from Pluton even if the attacker. have malware installed or take full ownership of your computer ”. When it comes to protecting users against future threats, Microsoft also has answers for that, saying CPUs with Pluton will get firmware updates directly from the company’s servers via secure connection.

Windows PCs are about to feature the MacBook - 2

Since Microsoft is enhancing the security of Windows computers through a new hardware component, users will not receive the benefits of Pluton unless they buy a new chip. Currently, Microsoft has not said when people will be able to buy CPUs equipped with Pluton, and it may be a while before they become available. AMD recently set a target of becoming the first x86 chip manufacturer to release a Pluton-equipped CPU – though it just announced a new Zen 3 CPU in early October.


If attacked on purpose by a hacker, how great could the damage be?

When attacked on purpose by hackers, these attacks can be very costly.


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