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Windows computers can be hijacked by Razer mice and keyboards

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

Security researcher Jon Hat has discovered a vulnerability that allows crooks to take control of a computer with just a Razer mouse.

Windows users are familiar with the concept of “Plug and Play”, which means that new peripherals only need to be plugged into the computer to be used. It usually involves an autorun program that downloads, installs drivers, and sets up the PC to recognize the external device.

According to TechRadar, a newly discovered security hole for Razer’s computer mouse involves the aforementioned feature. Before the vulnerability was announced, security researcher Jon Hat contacted Razer but got no response.

Razer peripherals can expose computers to attacks.

Exploiting and hijacking a Windows 10 computer with a Razer mouse is relatively simple, as long as the crook is sitting on that computer.

Specifically, Razer’s Synapse software installer makes exploiting that process almost too easy. Synapse is an application that allows users to configure the hardware for Razer mouse and keyboard products with advanced features, such as remapping keys and buttons.

When you plug a Razer mouse into your computer, Windows Update will immediately download the RazerInstaller.exe file and install it. This installer will run with System privileges, and allows users to use File Explorer to open Powershell with Administrator rights.

This means that if an attacker is sitting on the victim’s computer and exploiting the vulnerability, they will gain the highest level of access to the system and install malware on the device.

In general, this vulnerability shares some characteristics with the PrintNightmare vulnerability on Windows 10. Both vulnerabilities rely on someone installing software on a computer and gaining the highest permissions even though they are not Administrator. KY

Better late than never, after Jon Hat made the vulnerability public, Razer embarked on an urgent fix. The company also offered to send Hat a bounty even though the vulnerability was publicly disclosed.


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