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Woki (XV of France): “A very important match for the Georgians”

The third row of the Blues and the UBB spoke on Tuesday of Sunday’s match (2 p.m.) against a team made up of many players playing in the Top 14. A particular test also because he will be playing at his home in Bordeaux.

In Marcoussis

What kind of game do you expect on Sunday against Georgia?
Cameron Woki: Has a big fight! They will take us into the physical dimension, deliver a big start to the match. They certainly saw that it worked in the first half for the Argentines, very present in the ground game and the rucks. The Georgians will put a lot of impact and speed in these sectors to destabilize us. It is an adversary, a nation to be respected. They will put a lot of intensity because it is a very important match for them (it is only the 2e once the two nations clash, Editor’s note).

Opponents you know well …
Yes, like Argentines, we rub shoulders with a lot of them in clubs (14 of the 33 selected evolve in Top 14, Editor’s note). We know their strengths and talent. They are quite dense in the conquest, touchdown and scrum phases. It’s going to be a closed match, a fighting match.

Will it still be a fun game to watch?
(Surprised) We won’t change our speed-based system. We will be released to put our game in place. It will be a great game. The public will be happy …

“A special match for the Bordelais present on the match sheet”

Cameron Woki

You must be delighted to play this meeting in Bordeaux.
Downright ! It will be particular for the Bordelais present on the scoresheet. For us, it’s a special game. We are going to play in our city, in front of a lot of UBB supporters. But not only. It’s a pleasure to play in front of supporters who come in large numbers to support us because the stadium will be practically full.

For this meeting, the team will turn or the staff will keep the backbone aligned against Argentina?
I have no idea of ​​the composition, sincerely! So far, we’ve only done one training, walking, to review what went wrong against Argentina.

“We haven’t talked about the All Blacks once. “

Cameron Woki

You have finished the meeting in the second row. How do you understand this wish of the staff?
It’s a job I’m not used to playing in, but I can do it. I really enjoy it. It allows me to be versatile, so I don’t mind. But it’s not a priority for me. My post is third-line. But I can troubleshoot, in quotes, in second-line if needed.

Is it possible not to already think about the next game, against the All Blacks?
We haven’t talked about the All Blacks once. Everyone is focused on Georgia. Sunday, we face Georgia, not the All Blacks …

Interview at a press conference


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