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Woman wearing ‘Charlie Hebdo’ t-shirt attacked with knife in London

A woman wearing a T-shirt bearing the effigy of the French weekly “Charlie Hebdo” was slightly injured with a stabbing on Sunday (July 25th) in Hyde Park, in central London, police said. call for witnesses to find the perpetrator of the attack. “The police were called by the emergency services at 3.34 pm Sunday for an assault on Speakers’Corner” of Hyde Park, the Met Police said in a statement Sunday night, “The agents who went there found a 39-year-old woman suffering from a minor cut to the head”.

“She was treated on the spot before being taken to a hospital in central London”, she added, adding that her life was not in danger.

A knife found

In videos widely shared on social networks, we see a person dressed in black approaching a woman wearing a t-shirt marked “Charlie Hebdo”. She was then seen with blood on her head, picked up by a nearby police van.

Police said they found a knife near the scene after a search and asked witnesses to contact them, asking not to “To speculate on the motive of the attack”.

“We are only in the early stages of our investigation and we are working hard to find the person responsible”, she insisted.

On January 7, 2015 in Paris, the Kouachi brothers attacked the editorial staff of “Charlie Hebdo”, which had published cartoons of Muhammad, with a weapon of war, murdering 12 people there, including the historical cartoonists Cabu and Wolinski, before to escape.

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