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‘Women need cars that don’t break down on the road’

Safe use, durable operation is the criterion of buying a car, because when a woman is alone, there is nothing she can do if the car is “sluggish”.

Read the question “500 million to buy a car suitable for women?”, With women, I do not idolize Japanese cars, not Korean car idols, not Chinese cars, but there are some honest tips for you to weigh Remind without following Korean – Japanese car lovers always “anti” each other:

First, Korean cars are very quick to decode, including models, each year, each year, to paint the exterior and quickly deteriorate the plastic furniture. If you love Korean cars, you will buy Korean cars to go to your family to buy Korean cars. If you go to the service, then diaper immediately after 1-2 years. To be fair, it won’t be long before Korean cars are as good as Japanese cars. The advantage of Korean cars is currently only changing the annual model to attract customers, but changing it too quickly becomes bad, not the good one, especially when the car is still a big asset.

Secondly, when buying a car, everyone has the catchphrase that “buy and run a couple of years after changing another car”, but that is not the case, it has been three years to use one sometimes. Korean cars are good for only three years, Japanese cars can double the time. You are female so you should choose a reliable car. Think about what to do when running to the hometown “sagging” along the way that only a daughter is driving.

Third, absolutely not ride a Chinese car. This car model is even more comfortable than Korean cars, but in general, the quality of the car is a problem. The car that needs most is the exact machinery, chassis, gearbox and durability, not the utility, but no one knows how long that “options” will last or like the light bulbs. “not turn on for a long time to self-ignite.

Finally, in my opinion you should choose a Japanese car and buy from Mazda2, Attrage, Sunny to City, if you lack a little money, loan installment is also a solution.

Readers Lan Huong


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