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Women should avoid doing these things during pregnancy, there may be harm

It is a beautiful feeling for every woman to be a mother. Especially when women become mothers for the first time, this feeling is very special. It is not at all easy for a woman to become a mother, because, during this time, there are many changes in the body. In such a situation, more caution is required during pregnancy. During pregnancy, most women do exercise and many physical activities to stay fit. But it is not necessary that you should do the same by looking at other women.

Because, every woman’s body, her texture, shape and physical ability are different. In such a situation, women should avoid doing certain tasks during pregnancy. Why, this activity can prove harmful for you and your child.

– Avoid climbing stairs – The initial few months of pregnancy are very difficult, during which women should avoid climbing and descending the stairs. Because, there is a risk of falling and sliding. In such a situation, avoid climbing and climbing as many stairs as possible during pregnancy. If you want, you can climb the stairs with the help of rope or rod.

-Avoid wearing heels: Women should avoid wearing heels during pregnancy. You can wear comfortable flat slippers, sandals or shoes instead of heels.

– Do not bend over: Even during pregnancy, women tend to do broom, mop and cleanliness. However, excessive bending can cause harm to the baby growing in their womb. In this situation, bending over should be avoided.

– Do not stand for long time: It is not good for a pregnant woman to stand for too long. Because, it can have an impact on health. In such a situation, women should not stand for long time even while preparing food.

-Do not lift heavy goods: Doctors also recommend not to carry heavy luggage during pregnancy. Because, it can cause harm to the child. Not only lifting heavy items, but also pulling and pushing them. You can enlist the help of someone else to lift heavy luggage.

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