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Women’s team trains in panties to denounce inequalities in football

THE SCAN SPORT – The players of the Cercle Paul-Bert Bréquigny, a club in the Rennes area, followed a training session with the bare minimum in order to protest against the lack of resources granted to women’s football.

A female team with purple soccer jerseys that fall just above the thighs, playing without shorts or socks: the few onlookers around the field must have rubbed their eyes when they saw the players of the Cercle Paul-Bert Bréquigny training on Sunday, by a cool temperature with equipment reduced to its simplest expression.

The girls of this Breton club were keen to mark the occasion with this wink, the day before March 8, international women’s rights day, in protest against the differences in daily treatment between men and women. in football. Because in the Coupe de France, when the boys’ team receives a full set of socks, shorts and shirts, girls are only allowed the bare minimum: a shirt.

A wink to make things happen

The flagship team of the Rennes conurbation, which plays in the regional division, has therefore decided to take the French Football Federation at its word by evolving with the proposed minimalist ensemble, a simple jersey to which they have nevertheless added a pair of pants and a pair of shoes. It is therefore in this singular outfit, but with a smile, that the footballers kicked the ball. The top is generally cut longer for women, fortunately the session did not give rise to embarrassing situations for the few people who may be on the outskirts of the field.

“Our president Jean-Marc Drouin is the first to note that the boys are better equipped and obviously not supported in the same way. He supports us and does a lot to give a real place to women’s football, ”slipped Manon Eluère, one of the players, to West France, which reports the news. An attractive punching operation that reminds us that, if football has made efforts to improve the comfort of the players, there is still a small way to go to reach the stage of parity.


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