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Worms can be found in flour and flour during the rainy season, remove them with the help of these tips

Kitchen Tips And Tricks: Food items like maida, gram flour, semolina and flour often get spoiled during the summer and rainy season. In the rainy season, small white insects also start appearing in these things. Sometimes even without rain, insects start appearing in the flour and gram flour. In such a situation, when you feel like eating dumplings, then you are left feeling sad after seeing insects. If you are troubled by worms in gram flour, semolina, maida and flour, then you can get rid of such problems by using these home remedies.

Neem leaves and bay leaves: In the rainy season, if insects get caught in semolina, flour and gram flour, then you can keep bay leaves or neem leaves in a container. Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties, which protect these things from getting infected by insects.

Mint leaves: You can also add dried mint leaves to the container to prevent worms in semolina, maida, gram flour and flour. These things do not attract insects due to the scent of mint. Itching starts in the hands by cutting lady’s finger, arbi or other vegetables, then follow these home remedies

-Air Tight Container: In the rainy season, keep maida, gram flour, semolina and flour in an airtight container of glass, metal or thick plastic to protect them from insects. Due to this there is no moisture in them and insects do not get caught.

-Keep in the fridge: If you want to store semolina, maida and gram flour for a long time, then store them in the refrigerator. Keeping these things in the fridge does not spoil them. Also they do not contain insects.

Store by roasting: By roasting and storing things like semolina and gram flour, insects do not catch in them. You can roast them lightly and store them in a box. These things are safe for a long time.

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