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XPeng P5 – the world’s first electric car using lidar

ChinaTwo systems for measuring distances, recognizing objects and movements thanks to lasers (lidar) are located in the front bumper of Xpeng P5.

The P5 is the first commercial electric vehicle to feature a lidar system placed on either side of the front bumper. This is one of many equipment for advanced driver assistance technology called Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP).

P5 electric sedan in China. Photo: XPeng

Lidar works by emitting lasers around, the reflected pulses are measured by the sensor. The advantage of lidar is that it can determine the distance, size, and motion of objects with high accuracy over short distances. According to the Chinese automaker, the system can distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and scooters, stationary obstacles and road structures, even in tunnels and during night driving. and bad weather.

Most automakers developing self-driving systems plan to use lidar in combination with other sensors, but with its expensive price characteristics, there are no commercial vehicles that use lidar except for the company’s model. XPeng. Tesla boss Elon Mosk once dismissed the technology, saying it was a waste of money. Instead, Tesla relies on cameras, radar and other sensors.

Radar has the advantage of detecting objects at a distance, the cost is cheaper than lidar. This is an important reason why the application of radar for driver assistance technology is now more widespread.

On the XPeng P5 electric vehicle, in addition to lidar, the manufacturer also equips 12 ultrasonic sensors, five short-wave radars and more than ten cameras, which synchronize with each other to create electronic driver assistance features (NGP). ). The NGP version launched on the P5 is even more advanced than the version equipped on the company’s previous P7, as it can handle some situations when driving in the city. For example, changing lanes, automatically following the car in front, recognizing speed limit signs and traffic light information. The system can also remember the parking position in some situations, and according to XPeng, the P5 can park the car automatically.

XPeng P5 - the first commercial electric vehicle to use lidar

Design XPeng P5. The source: XPeng

XPeng P5 has six versions, priced at 24,500-34,800 USD, all using an electric motor with a capacity of 207 horsepower and 309 Nm of torque, enough to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in about 7.5 seconds. There are three battery versions, with capacities from 55.9 kWh to 71.4 kWh.

Another outstanding feature of the P5 is the ability to change the interior space. Owners can choose to add functions that turn the interior compartment into a waiting room with a movie screen or a sleeping compartment, equipped with a refrigerator or interior perfume.

The Chinese automaker is expected to deliver the first P5 orders to domestic customers in October 2021.

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