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Yamaha YZF-R3 2021 price 6,600 USD

JapanThe new version of sportbike model launched in the domestic market, adding a new color to compete with Honda CBR250R.

According to the plan, the Yamaha R3 2021 sold to the country of the rising sun from January 15, 2021. The Japanese automaker aims to sell 3,700 cars a year. To attract buyers, Yamaha added a new Cyan blue option.

YZF-R3 version 2021 with new Cyan blue. Image: Yamaha

The R3 2021 shirt line uses Cyan blue as the main color, decorated with black accents, while the 17-inch cast rims painted red create attractive. Besides the Cyan color, customers can choose from all-matte black and traditional Yamaha blue.

Engine on R3 2021 unchanged, one-cylinder machine with a capacity of 321 cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, 42 hp at 10,750 rpm, extreme torque Great 29 Nm at 9,000 rpm. 6-speed gearbox.

Besides R3 2021, Yamaha also upgraded similarly to the YZF-R25, priced at $ 6,400.

YZF-R3 2021 in full matte gray.  Photo: Yamaha

YZF-R3 2021 in full matte gray. Image: Yamaha

In the Japanese market, the Yamaha YZF-R3 2021 competes with competitors such as Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250.

In Vietnam, Yamaha YZF-R3 is genuine, the car is priced at 129 million.

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