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Yashini Nagarajan cleared UPSC exam with job, got success by changing optional subject, know how to prepare

Yashini Nagarajan may be an IAS officer today, but it was not easy for her to reach here. He has achieved success in the fourth attempt.

There is a different craze among the educated youth regarding the UPSC exam. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the youth to prepare for the job as well. But today we will tell you the story of a candidate who started UPSC preparation with his job. Not only did the preparation but also got success in this exam. Her name is Yashini Nagarajan.

Yashini Nagarajan may be an IAS officer today, but it was not easy for her to reach here. He got this success in his fourth attempt. Yashini Nagarajan’s family is originally from Tamil Nadu. But his father had shifted to Arunachal Pradesh. That’s why Yashini did all her schooling from here. Yashini had told that in the first attempt, she could not clear even the prelims.

It is necessary to work on the shortcomings: Yashini had told in an interview, ‘I was very disappointed when my prelims also could not clear. Because it was shocking to me too. I have been smart in studies since the beginning. I was never less in studies, but all my studies so far were also done well, but after that I started preparing. Also worked on some mistakes. After this I was not selected in the second attempt also.

Yashini says, in the third attempt her rank was 834 and she was not at all happy with her rank. So he also changed his optional subject. Yashini rectified the mistake in her further efforts and worked hard on her weaknesses. Yashini says that the choice of optional is very important for any candidate, so choose it wisely. If there is confusion then take help of GS. Read it to see what interests you. Even after this, if you do not understand, then go through the previous years question papers.

You should also work on making notes, says Yashini. This is very important, because you cannot study without notes and you also have a lot of trouble in it. It becomes very difficult to read the book again and again.


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