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You are imposing Hindutva agenda on India, is it okay? The question was asked to Yogi Adityanath, this answer was received

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was asked in an interview, ‘Hindutva agenda is being forced on India even though it is a secular country’. In response, he said something like this.

In view of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken charge of the campaign. In this sequence, he reached Kairana on Tuesday. Here he met the traders and their families who had returned after the exodus. Yogi, while addressing the public meeting, bluntly said that if any criminal dares, he will send other people, earlier in the governments, criminals were honored by calling them by helicopter, but now this is not happening. Amidst the political turmoil, an old interview of Yogi Adityanath with senior journalist Rahul Kanwal is going viral.

In this interview, Yogi Adityanath was asked, ‘Hindutva agenda is being forced on India even though it is a secular country. It is said that we want to see India from the point of view of Hindutva. Is this okay?’ CM Yogi replied, ‘India is a secular country because it is a Hindu majority country. After all, where has secularism died in Bangladesh and Pakistan that separated from India? If anyone wants secularism in India, then he should advocate it in Pakistan and Bangladesh also.

Yogi Adityanath further says, ‘Being a Hindu is the biggest guarantee of being secular. I say that if I consider myself as Hindu Sanatan, then tell me from where do I do wrong? It is very easy to talk about secularism while living in India, I want such people to go to Pakistan and talk about secularism.

Rajat Sharma asked the question: Senior journalist Rajat Sharma had asked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, ‘To what extent is it okay to spread such hatred by wearing saffron clothes, assuming the form of a sadhu?’ In response to this, he had said, ‘If someone kills you, then I think if there is a human in front, then you can tolerate even two slaps of him. But if there is a demon in front, then immediately respond to one of his slaps. If we do this then there is trouble in it, but if someone else does it then there is no discussion about it.

Yogi’s Speech: CM Yogi had recently raised the issue of Muzaffarnagar riots during a rally. He had said, ‘When two innocent youths were killed in Muzaffarnagar, these people did not see caste. When the houses of innocent Hindus were being burnt there, those who did caste politics did not see their caste. On the other hand, he had said that in the previous governments, people were intimidated by registering false cases. False cases were also registered against Late Hukum Singh because he raised the voice of Hindus.


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