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Young man riding a motorbike fell and hit his face on the road

HanoiThe motorbike staggered, swerved into another lane and then crashed into the median, the driver hitting his face on the road.

This video has been going viral for a few days on social media, recording a scene where a young man on a motorbike staggered and collapsed in the Kim Lien tunnel. The reason is unknown, but looking at this expression, most people guessed it was drunk.

If this young man is really drunk, then this is a strong wake-up call for us men. Before Tet last year, the traffic police strictly controlled the vehicle after drinking alcohol and beer. Alcohol driving on the road has decreased significantly. But it seems that recently, people are “loose” to the law. I see a lot of people jumping into the driver’s seat of a car or motorbike to go home after drinking.

And the consequences are as the video we all see. Lightly scratched face, sore limbs. More severe, broken bones, more severe, head injury if there is no helmet or the helmet is not of good quality. Then how about the wife, children, parents at home? They are the ones who always take care of the drunkards.

Guys, us men, it’s hard to avoid having to drink at times. But take responsibility for it, by drinking in moderation, to stay mentally alert. Most importantly, call a taxi, or ask someone to pick you up, so as not to cause an accident for yourself or others.

Drink responsibly, live responsibly!

Readers Han Pham


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