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Your blood pressure will be controlled through these 4 yogasanas, know from Baba Ramdev

The blood pressure of a healthy person is 120/80. But when this range drops to 90/60, it can prove fatal.

People all over the world are troubled by hypertension. Blood pressure is a problem that can also lead to problems like heart disease, sugar, swollen feet, swollen eyes, etc. This one hiding in the body can be your worst enemy. According to a report by WHO, more than 200 million people are falling victim to high BP every year in India.

High blood pressure is one of the problems caused due to stress, work pressure, uncontrolled eating and unhealthy lifestyle. According to health experts, when the pressure of blood on the walls of the arteries increases, then this condition is called high blood pressure. Let us tell you, the normal blood pressure level in the body of a healthy person is 120/80 mmHg. However, if a blood pressure reading is less than 90/60 mmHg, it is considered low.

If you have been taking blood pressure medicines for a long time and even then you are not making any difference, then yoga guru Baba Ramdev tells that by adopting these yogasanas, you can control your hypertension. We are telling some such asanas, by adopting which you can control both low and high blood pressure.

yogasanas to cure low blood pressure

Matsyasana: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev explains that due to excessive exercise and excessive sweating, sometimes blood pressure becomes low. Apart from this, the problem of low blood pressure can also be due to dehydration. It can also cause heart failure. By adopting this yoga, the problem of low blood pressure can end. In this posture, lie down on the waist, then lift your chest part from the ground, put your head on the ground and keep your hands straight on the ground.

Padma Sarangasana: By doing this asana, there is good blood circulation to the brain and thyroid glands. This refreshes the body. In this, by lying on the ground on the shoulders, straighten the legs first, then bend them slightly from the knees and keep the hands straight on the ground.

Yogasanas to cure high blood pressure

Vajrasana: You can also do this asana after lunch and dinner. This asana helps in maintaining good blood circulation. Bend the knees and sit on the feet and keep the head and shoulders and then place the hands on the knees.

Paschimottanasana: By adopting this asana, the fat in the body is reduced, due to which the weight is reduced. It also reduces stress, thereby reducing high blood pressure. In this posture, straighten the legs and hold your feet with your hands. Do this for 10 minutes.


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