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Youtube to curb ‘Quenone’ group plotting against Donald Trump, know what is this?

Oakland: YouTube has said that it is taking further steps to curb conspiracy theories, ‘qnones’ and other baseless theories of conspiracy that can provoke violence around the world, following the path of Twitter and Facebook.

What is Qinon?
‘Quinone’ is a right-wing conspiracy theory, according to which a secret group worshiping Satan is running a global child trafficking gang and conspiring against the country’s President Donald Trump and Trump is fighting against this secret party . YouTube said on Thursday that it will now ban materials that target a person or group by conspiracy theories and are used to justify violence.

YouTube becomes the third social media platform
Now YouTube has become the third social media platform that is announcing policies not to air Qoinon. Earlier in July, Twitter said that it would take action on accounts and content related to the ‘right-wing’ conspiracy, the right-wing conspiracy popular among supporters of President Donald Trump.

Twitter had banned
As a result of this action, he banned thousands of accounts related to Qinon Materials, as well as prohibited the sharing of URLs associated with it on Twitter. Twitter had also said that it would also stop tweeting special mention or recommendation of tweet related to Qinon.

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