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YouTube: Top 5 Trending videos not to be missed on the day that brought Mr. Apple back to heaven

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 19:30 PM (GMT+7)

All of these are entertaining video clips that are worth watching this Tet holiday, which are played for free on YouTube.

After only 3 days of release, January 25 (aimed at December 23), Tao Quan 2022 – The Untold Story entered the top 5 trending on YouTube on the very day of bringing Mr. Currently, this annual entertainment show of Lien Quan Mobile is still causing a “network storm” and is likely to continue to climb YouTube trending rankings.

Ranked above Tao Quan 2022 – The Untold Story is the comedy Tet 2022 titled “Super Detective” by FAPtv Com Nguoi, the New Year comedy UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUc || Meritorious Artist Kim Phuong, Huynh Lap, Duy Khanh, Puka, Sister Cano, Long Chun. The two highest positions belong to episode 1 and episode 2 of Tran Thanh’s web drama Dead End. All of these are entertaining video clips that are worth watching this Tet holiday.

Top 5 Trending videos on YouTube on January 25, ie December 23.

Talking about Tao Quan 2022 – The Untold Story, this is a well-invested, professional program from the stage, script and is the place to gather top actors and popular streamers and YouTubers. In particular, the extremely charming acting of names like Hau Hoang and Cris Phan surprised the audience when they were not awkward in front of the older cast.

Of course, the cast is also a veteran Apple cast familiar to the audience such as artist Van Dung, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, Meritorious Artist Chi Trung and People’s Artist Tu Long, in which People’s Artist Tu Long plays Tao Lien Quan. In addition, in this year’s adoration, there was the first appearance of the character Ngoc Hoang “Quoc Khanh” and the apprentice Bac Dau Duy Khanh.

Thus, after 3 years of hearing only, Lien Quan gamers have the opportunity to “see” Ngoc Hoang to officially run the year-end adoration with the participation of Meritorious Artist Quoc Khanh. Still with a calm, profound but no less “salty” attitude with words that go straight to people’s hearts. Ngoc Hoang Quoc Khanh brought to the adoration moments of joy but also quiet.

In terms of content, the program lasted for nearly 38 minutes, bringing a lot of laughter with “hot trend” lines in the past year, such as: “Hong Tao, Apple Khum follows you but Apple asks for your private print… ”, “29 Hanoi hello guys!” or “Winx En-chan-tit Magic”,…


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