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“Zidane dreams of training the Blues”: Perez explains the reasons for Zidane’s departure

The president of Real Madrid explains in a long interview for Onda Cero the reasons for the departure of Zinédine Zidane, and lets go that Zizou dreams of coaching the France team.

On May 27, Zinédine Zidane announced his departure from Real Madrid, while he still had a year left on his contract. In a long interview with Spanish radio Onda Cero, the president of Real Madrid talks about Zizou’s departure and talks about what could be his next destination. “I have known him since 2001, I love him very much and I wish him the best in his professional life ”, greet Florentino Perez. Before letting go: “Zidane dreams of being France coach and obviously he will succeed!“Words that could almost go unnoticed in the middle of this hour and a half of interview, but which confirm some statements and give hope to many French supporters who are waiting for him on the bench of the Blues.

It got tired of being a coach

The Real Madrid president also says he understands Zidane’s resignation from his coaching position: “The departure of Zidane did not surprise me knowing him. It got tired of being a coach.»Stating that he chatted all night with him to persuade him to stay. “But it’s simple: when he says he wants to go, he’s already gone», He concludes. Relaunched by the journalist on the letter left by Zidane where he explained that the environment of Real Madrid was toxic and that he was not supported enough within the club, Perez replied: “I did not read the farewell letter and I swear it on my grandchildren. Whoever wrote this letter was not Zidane. Someone wrote it for him, but it wasn’t his.

If he asks me to become a coach again, he comes back “

Florentino Perez

For him, Zidane’s departure is not linked to the club’s environment, but to the press: “A coach who does four press conferences a week ends up emptied. When we see the questions that he was asked both in substance and in form, he got tired, in a season with already complicated and with many injuries. ” And defends itself from all internal criticism: “We treated him well, the supporters too, only part of the press treated him badly.“Obviously understanding towards his former coach, Florentino Perez does not seem resentful and does not rule out a return of Zidane on the Madrid bench:”He has been a legend for Real Madrid and has the recognition of all of us. I still have so much affection for him, if he asks me to become a coach again, he comes back. “

While it is still unclear whether the world champion will regain a coaching position next season, Zidane can still count on the club where he spent 13 years of his life. Unless he can realize his dream and be named future coach of the Blues?

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